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Through TEN20, we embark on a mission that has been individually dreamed and is now mutually shared. Our life paths and our experiences have equipped us to fulfill our mission together—to create and be part of something that is bigger than ourselves.

We love beer, really good beer...bringing people together for good.

Our patrons, craft beer enthusiasts, come together through a common interest to enjoy exceptional TEN20 beer, food, and good times. They learn about each other, strengthen existing friendships, or become new friends. They build bonds and bridge differences. They support the TEN20 brand as ambassadors for good, and we seek opportunities to invest back into the community to make a positive impact through our non-profit, HEADwaters Fund.

We see TEN20 as more than just beer. It's an important opportunity. We promise to hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality, service, integrity, and community citizenship.

TEN20 boasts a total of four locations: Butchertown, our inaugural spot; Anchorage, our second destination; the vibrant Highlands; and an exciting new addition in Clarksville, IN, coming soon!